Printed Spare Parts: Vol. 2

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Picture #1: Hinge version #1

Shortly after I replaced the broken hinge on my Stewi drying rack, the 3D printed part broke as well. That’s definitely not what I would’ve expected.

But looking at it more closely, it’s obvious that the piece broke along the print layers. What a surprise! No, not really. When I prepared the print for version #1, I set the infill to 50% und placed the model upright on the bed. That way I got minimal overhang and just a little amount of support structure was needed.

Picture #2: Hollow and tilted variant

Picture #3: Failed print due to power loss

So after this early breakage it was quite clear that I won’t get enough strength by increasing just the infill. While searching the net I found some articles, which were related to this topic:

The next version I printed tilted and completely hollow, so I could later fill it with Epoxy resin (see Picture #2). Unfortunately the Printrbot Play did not like huge overhangs.

Picture #4: Filling the hinge with Epoxy resin with a syringe

This time the print turned out fine. Then I drilled a small hole into the shaft, where I filled in approx. 30ml of Epoxy resin. I didn’t think to seal my part before, so I had to deal with some leakage.

Picture #5: Hinge #2 back into business...

About 14 hours later the resin was set and the hinge ready to mount on the drying rack. I hope I won’t have to write another chapter about this topic anytime soon. ;-)

Thanks to +Matthias Lewen and +Derrick Oswald for translating this post to English!

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